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The confidential documents (level: CO) listed below are not available for downloading.

NoTitleLevelDelivery dateFile
D1.1Project handbookCO2010-01-10 
D1.2Final Project ReportPU2012-03-13
D2.1Scenario, requirements and first business model analysisPU2010-06-21
D2.3Market opportunity and business modelPU2012-01-25
D231Technology implementation plansCO2012-01-26 
D3.1Interference identification in femto-based networksPU2011-08-10
D3.2Interference coordination protocols in the femto-based networksPU2011-11-28
D3.3Cooperative schemes in the femto-based networksPU2012-01-14
D4.1Advanced procedures for handover in femtocellsPU2011-12-03
D4.2Design and evaluation of effective procedures for MAC layerPU2012-01-15
D5.1Evaluation of the interference management algorithms and femto-relays tradeoff analysisPU2011-12-14
D5.2System interference management evaluationPU2012-01-16
D5.3Performance of optimised routing and secure transport protocolPU2011-09-06
D6.1Report about FAP prototypeCO2011-11-15 
D6.21Trial reportPU2012-01-16
D6.22Refined engineering rules for femto deployment based on trialsCO2012-01-23 
M2.2.Plans for dissemination, standardisation and IPRCO2010-10-31