WP4: Improved control layer for RRM and mobility support

The goals of this workpackage are:

  • To design the advanced handover procedure for coordinated macro/femtocells.
  • To define the efficient handover decision mechanism based on the merging of different metrics and considering femto-based network specifics.
  • To design a fast handover and a fast admission processes by passive scanning based on user’s location.
  • To design advanced RRM for femtocells including procedures for routing, power control and scheduling.
  • To propose new techniques for network entry to enable authorisation of user’s access by subscribers.
  • To propose new identification method of cells in networks considering huge number of deployed femtocells.
  • To design and specify the control plane procedures to operate in the FREEDOM environment and benefit from cooperation and coordination among femto-cells and macro-cell.

This workpackage is led by CTU.