WP3: Advanced PHY-techniques for femto-based networks

The goals of this workpackage are:

  • To derive a model for interfering power received at the femto-cells and macro-cell.
  • To investigate human activity impact on channel models in a femto-cell context.
  • To propose algorithms to combat interference, previously identified, by channel sensing methods.
  • To dynamically adjust the radio resources shared by the femto-cells and macro-cell based on a limited exchange of information of some parameters (interference coordination). Under minimal exchange of information, hybrid access schemes will also be investigated for spatial interference avoidance.
  • To exploit (transmitter and receiver) cooperation among nodes when it is possible to exchange the messages to be transmitted or the received signals.
  • To deal with the synchronization issues in terms of time, carrier frequency and carrier phase These issues are responsible of the interference generation (time synchronization), subcarrier allocation and reuse (frequency synchronisation) and feasibility of distributed beamforming from FAP (phase synchronisation).
This workpackage is led by Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya.