WP2: Requirements and dissemination

The goals of this workpackage are:

  • Take inputs from the outside world in order to provide reference scenarios and requirements as general inputs to let FREEDOM set up the scope and system characteristics that comply with the reference organisations (e.g. IETF, 3GPP/LTE-A, Femto Forum) so that the offspring of the project is consistent with them.
  • Provide outputs to the external world through presence in standardisation and in relevant forums, dissemination activities and the organisation of a technical workshop.
  • The generation of a business model showing the modification of the market possibilities related with the adoption of the FREEDOM offspring.
  • Define a common framework for:

a) the scenarios to be adopted and shared among the RTD activities;

b) the requirements for the target system,

c) the simulations to be performed on different platforms to let the results be comparable.

  • Define the exploitation routes of the partners, including IPR strategy.

This workpackage is led by SEQUANS.